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The sustainable and eco-friendly mobile tuk tuk!

Quirky and eye-catching, our Piaggio Ape Tuk Tuk TIPSY is a fun, environmentally friendly option for your wedding or other special event. Our very simple bar system means we use kegs that are environmentally friendly and eliminate all those empty bottles! We are a friendly, dedicated team, that have worked in the wine industry for a number of years. TIPSY is a real ice breaker and lots of fun and she is sure to bring a sparkle to your specialoccasion. The Piaggio is petite, elegant and fits into most event spaces.


Hi, I’m Kirsty co-owner of Tipsy Taps and English sparkling winemaker. The idea for Tipsy first came about whilst planning our own wedding. Due to having a marquee wedding we didn’t want to stop the drinks from flowing until the last person went to bed. The idea that our guests could just keep helping themselves and we wouldn’t need to keep waiting staff to hang around for hours seemed too good to be true. Due to my background in the wine industry I knew that some still wine producers are starting to move towards wine in kegs as an sustainable alternative for busy bars and restaurants. The idea of bringing this concept together with the wedding/private events market seems ideal. What I didn’t realise until I started doing my research was the vast array of other types of drinks available. For our wedding one of the best decisions we made was to serve Espresso Martinis after the meal, they really helped to get the party started. Tipsy Taps became a really great talking point bringing guests that didn’t really know each other together.


Hi I'm James Co owner of Tipsy. Having a wife who is a winemaker my knowledge of wine is ever increasing having travelled the world together to various Vineyards, breweries and distilleries it has then been a aim to share these experiences with others, developing the idea of Tipsy Taps and exposing those amazing options at any event is something we both take pride in. Eventually we found the perfect little Tuk Tuk to bring the idea to light. With the knowledge of being more environmentally friendly, it seemed to be the perfect recipe. The flexibility of wine, beer and cocktails is perfect and can be poured chilled in seconds. We hope that we can offer you the brilliant and flexible bar option for any occasion.